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Goldfields Australia – Invincible Gold Mine

Tasked with providing a turn-key solution for paste fill production within a crucial lead time, Aquila Mining were able to deliver a modular style pugmill with all necessary ancillary equipment to deliver an all-encompassing backfill service. Facing various geographical challenges, delivery of Paste Fill to the underground workings was achieved through an innovative, high-volume pumping system.

Supported on site by experienced and dedicated personnel, all surface and underground infrastructure is installed, operated and maintained by the Aquila Mining team, truly delivering a total package service.

Throughout the project, Aquila Mining’s role in backfill of the Invincible Gold Mine has adapted to the changing mine plan and system requirements, with total fill volume to date surpassing 1,000,000m.

Projects - St Ives 3.jpg

Silverlake Resources – Tank South

A fully mobile operation was deployed by Aquila Mining to enable campaign backfilling of a remotely located satellite ore body. The mobility of the plant and equipment allowed fill to be placed directly into multiple stopes without the requirement for underground reticulation systems and associated infrastructure. With a fleet of specialised plant and equipment readily available, project commencement was expedited ~3 months in front of mine plan and plant moves over multiple boreholes were conducted with minimal downtime. Total fill volume across the orebody was 100,000m.

Projects - Silverlake.jpg

Evolution Mining – Pegasus Gold Mine

Aquila Mining were able to supply an Interim mobile Paste Fill plant in lieu of the client’s fixed infrastructure undergoing significant refurbishment works after failure of critical componentry. With downtime having significant impact on the client mine plan, Aquila Mining were able to reduce the severity of this impact by delivering and commissioning the interim plant within a critical time path.

Projects - Evolution.jpg

Anglo Gold Ashanti – Sunrise Dam Gold Mine

Deploying specialised processing equipment to enable the recovery, drying and pre-conditioning of tailings that were initially considered to be relatively unworkable. Through conditioning of the workable properties of the tailings material, high volume feed of the back fill plant was able to be maintained, ensuring filling processes continued uninterrupted.

Equipment - Crusher.jpg

Pantoro Ltd – Nickolson’s Gold Mine

Aquila Mining supplied and maintained an interim crushing and screening circuit during the client’s fixed infrastructure upgrade project to include ore sorting capabilities. Continued mill feed was guaranteed through the supply and maintenance of a Tertiary Crushing Circuit and Screening equipment.

Projects - Nickolson's.JPG

Northern Star Resources Ltd – Paulsen’s Gold Mine

Design, installation, operation and maintenance of a complete backfill system from surface Paste Fill plant and associated infrastructure to the underground reticulation and control system. Additionally, specialised plant and equipment were provided for recovery and pre-conditioning of tailings.

Projects - Paulsen's Paste Plant.JPG
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