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Projects - St Ives.jpg
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Paste Fill

  • Re-pulped and Wet Tailings

  • Plant Design and Installation

  • Mix and System Design

  • UG Reticulation Design and Installation

  • Whole of Process Operation

  • Tailings Pre-conditioning

Cemented Aggregate (CAF) /

Rock (CRF) Fill

  • Aggregate Production

  • Slurry Production

  • Plant Supply and Operation

Materials Processing

  • Crushing, Screening & Materials     handling

  • Road Base for underground

  • Mill Feed Circuits

  • Back Fill and Road Making Mediums

Materials Handling.jpg
Materials Handling - Screen.jpg
Equipment Hire - Integrated Tools.JPEG

Civil Works & Construction

  • Road Base production

  • Moisture Conditioning (OMC)

  • Cement Stabilisation

  • Emulsion Stabilisation 

  • Road base Fumigation

  • Runaway, Tarmac and Hardstand

  • Drainage Culverts

  • Bridge and Highway

Machinery & Plant Hire

We specialise in the deployment and support of strategic assets across multiple sites within Australia's remote regions​:

  • Stackers / Feeders

  • Binder Silos and Feeders

  • Crushers and Screens

  • Pugmills​

Supported hire engagements

  • Process setup and advice

  • Operator training and assessment

  • Maintenance programs

  • On-site consignments of spare parts and consumables    

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