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Safety & Compliance

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At Aquila Mining, people are at the heart of our organisation. We have fundamental concern for our people, and we believe all injuries are preventable through our observational learning processes that capture ‘At-Risk’ behaviours within our business.

Risk Management Focus

We have a thorough risk management process that identifies the key operational risks and mitigation recommendations for all risks. There will be no hidden surprises with Aquila Mining.

KPI Driven Contracts

Performance success will be managed through KPIs that are aligned with your key operational, safety and quality requirements through joint business improvement initiatives and similar business ethics and values.

Empowered People

We have a proven record within the Goldfield’s Region, understanding the local area and the local communities. We have a strong sense of local ownership, empowerment and provide incentives to our people to address site-specific challenges and act upon opportunities, with the full support of the Aquila Mining Management Team. 

Outstanding Client Relationships

Much of Aquila Mining's success is attributed to the outstanding client relationships developed through mutual respect over a long period of time, in an atmosphere of striving for exceptional outcomes. 


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