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Paste Fill

•​ Re-pulped and Wet Tailings

•​ Plant Design and Installation

•​ Mix and System Design

•​ UG Reticulation Design and Installation

•​ Whole of Process Operation

•​ Tailings Pre-conditioning


Cemented Aggregate (CAF) /

Rock (CRF) Fill

• ​Aggregate Production

•​ Slurry Production

•​ Plant Supply and Operation

Materials Processing

•​ Crushing, Screening & Materials handling

•​ Road Base for underground

•​ Mill Feed Circuits

•​ Back Fill and Road Making Mediums


Civil Works & Construction

•​ Road Base production

•​ Moisture Conditioning (OMC)

•​ Cement Stabilisation

•​ Emulsion Stabilisation 

•​ Road base Fumigation

•​ Runaway, Tarmac and Hardstand

•​ Drainage Culverts

•​ Bridge and Highway

Machinery & Plant Hire

We specialise in the deployment and support of strategic assets across multiple sites within Australia's remote regions​:

•​ Stackers / Feeders

•​ Binder Silos and Feeders

•​ Crushers and Screens

•​ Pugmills​

All hire engagements are supported by:

•​ Process setup and advice

•​ Operator training and assessment

•​ Maintenance programs

•​ On-site consignments of spare parts and 



About Aquila

Aquila Mining Pty Ltd, being privately owned and operated, is based in Western Australia and for the past 20 years has played a major role in the development of Paste-Fill Operations for most of the major mining companies within the Australasia region.


Aquila Mining was established in July 2003, commencing operations specifically in the field of mining backfill services. Initially servicing the underground mines within the Eastern Goldfields region of Western Australia, rapid expansion into the Australasia region soon followed. This growth called for further diversification into materials processing, civil construction and specialised plant and equipment hire.

About Aquila

We pride ourselves in delivering cost effective results through our capable and dedicated teams, best practice systems, processes and investing into strategically developed assets.

Aquila provides national expertise and services with Underground Mine Fill, Raw Materials Processing, Civil Works, Plant and Specialised Equipment Hire.


‘Total service package’

‘Reducing your “total cost of ownership” We have purpose-built equipment consisting of mobile, semi-mobile and modular pugmill plants and pumping systems to safely convey paste to the end stope. We fully understand underground reticulation, having the systems and processes that benefit our direct clients’

‘Implementation and management of all technical aspects of a pastefill operation from mix design & testing to reticulation design and installation’

‘Industry best response time - our benefits include the ability to ramp up on minimal notice having the expertise and equipment available. Our capabilities for our clients are based around plant design, installation, mix and system design, whole process operation, and tailings pre-conditioning’


‘Are able to provide an all-encompassing source to stope service’



We Value the Environment

  • Aquila Mining commits to minimising our environmental impact through risk management and the transparency of our processes

  • Promoting environmental awareness through educational programs and continually driving accountability so that our staff  better understand changes to regulations and legislation

  • Aquila recognises the importance of the natural environment by implementing rehabilitation practices to minimise potential for erosion and land degradation


  • We are ethical and honest demonstrating full compliance to our clients whom we work with


Safety & Compliance

At Aquila, people are at the heart of our organisation. We have fundamental concern for our people, and we believe all injuries are preventable through our observational learning processes that capture ‘At-Risk’ behaviours within our business.

Risk Management Focus: We have a thorough risk management process that identifies the key operational risks and mitigation recommendations for all risks. There will be no hidden surprises with Aquila.

KPI Driven Contracts: Performance success will be managed through KPIs that are aligned with your key operational, safety and quality requirements through joint business improvement initiatives and similar business ethics and values.

Empowered People: We have a proven record within the Goldfield’s Region, understanding the local area and the local communities. We have a strong sense of local ownership, empowerment and provide incentives to our people to address site-specific challenges and act upon opportunities, with the full support of the Aquila Management Team. 

Outstanding Client Relationships: Much of Aquila’s success is attributed to the outstanding client relationships developed through mutual respect over a long period of time, in an atmosphere of striving for exceptional outcomes. 

Safety & Compliance
Safety & Compliance
Safety & Compliance
Safety & Compliance
Safety & Compliance


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